“Connection problem or invalid MMI code” on Android phone

by Peter Jaric

We have got a new cell phone operator at work and one of their features is that if you prefix a number with the code *150# the call will be charged to a separate bill that will be sent to the employee and not to the employer. This is quite common in Sweden and is of course a good thing, but it doesn’t work on Android (pre 2.1). I use an HTC Tattoo and get this message when calling for example *150#0123456789:

Connection problem or invalid MMI code

In the thread I linked to above, there is a workaround: put a plus sign (+) before the first digit, like so: *+150#0123456789. This gets rid of the error message and allows the call to go through. The number that is called according to the phone has no plus in it: *150#0123456789

Let’s hope this works. Otherwise I might get a call from my boss later on :)

I mailed Ventelo’s (the operator) support and received this positive answer (translated by me):

Yes, using *+150# will work as well.

Good news, in other words!