Agessa’s World – a game where the interface consists of only alert(), confirm() and prompt()

A while ago I asked myself: who uses alert() for anything but debugging in web applications nowadays? It didn’t take long to go from that question to the idea that I should make something that uses only native dialogs, just for fun.

TL;DR: Play the game “Agessa’s World”!

The result is a game that only uses alert(), confirm() and prompt(). Nothing else is visible to the user. I have created a small “framework” that I call ACP, and a small demo game using that framework. The code can be found at my Github repository ACP. And the game is here (same link as above).

One thing I have learned from this is that while the framework logic didn’t take that much time, writing the story and the game world was very time consuming, even though the game is quite small. Now i have more respect for all the game devs out there, that’s for sure.

I forgot to thank Jonatan Heyman, who beta-tested the game and found some irritating glitches.