Fixing a mistake in auto-opening settings in Chrome

by Peter Jaric

When I was going to open a Spotify link in Google Chrome and the browser asked me if I wanted to open it or not, I checked the “Remember my decision” check box and then clicked “Do not open”, by mistake. And due to Google Chrome’s lack of customization, I could not find where to fix this issue in the options dialog.

But some googling finally led me to this clue. I closed Chrome and opened my LocalState file that I found in C:Users_user_name_AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser Data (Windows 7). I searched for spotify and found this entry:

 "protocol_handler": {
      "excluded_schemes": {
         "afp": true,
         "data": true,
         "disk": true,
         "disks": true,
         "file": true,
         "hcp": true,
         "javascript": true,
         "mailto": false,
         "ms-help": true,
         "news": false,
         "nntp": true,
         "shell": true,
         "snews": false,
         "spotify": true,
         "vbscript": true,
         "view-source": true,
         "vnd": {
            "ms": {
               "radio": true

I changed the spotify value to false and after reopening Chrome I now can open Spotify links!