Fixing a mistake in auto-opening settings in Chrome

When I was going to open a Spotify link in Google Chrome and the browser asked me if I wanted to open it or not, I checked the “Remember my decision” check box and then clicked “Do not open”, by mistake. And due to Google Chrome’s lack of customization, I could not find where to fix this issue in the options dialog.

But some googling finally led me to this clue. I closed Chrome and opened my LocalState file that I found in C:Users_user_name_AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser Data (Windows 7). I searched for spotify and found this entry:

 "protocol_handler": {
      "excluded_schemes": {
         "afp": true,
         "data": true,
         "disk": true,
         "disks": true,
         "file": true,
         "hcp": true,
         "javascript": true,
         "mailto": false,
         "ms-help": true,
         "news": false,
         "nntp": true,
         "shell": true,
         "snews": false,
         "spotify": true,
         "vbscript": true,
         "view-source": true,
         "vnd": {
            "ms": {
               "radio": true

I changed the spotify value to false and after reopening Chrome I now can open Spotify links!

4 thoughts on “Fixing a mistake in auto-opening settings in Chrome

  1. Thank you SO much for this, I really miss the about:config functionality of Firefox when using Chrome, but Chrome is just soooo much faster and sleeker in my eyes. More importantly, I really cba running a different browser for each feature I like and then having to alt-tab through seventeen of them to find which window was my Armada Music playlist. xD

    Anywhoozle, I wondered if I might trouble you for some advice about my handlers list? If you don’t have time I completely understand, no rush :)

    My situation as it stands is :

    “protocol_handler”: {
    “excluded_schemes”: {
    “afp”: true,
    “data”: true,
    “disk”: true,
    “disks”: true,
    “file”: true,
    “hcp”: true,
    “javascript”: true,
    “magnet”: false,
    “mailto”: true,
    “ms-help”: true,
    “news”: false,
    “nntp”: true,
    “shell”: true,
    “snews”: false,
    “vbscript”: true,
    “view-source”: true,
    “vnd”: {
    “ms”: {
    “radio”: true

    When I opened this I was looking to fix the magnet handler, but when I read the list things like shell and vbscript caught in my throat.
    Does the above list mean that shell extensions and vbscript files will be opened by default? Because that sounds to me like rather a massive security hole…

    If you don’t know or aren’t sure, absolutely no problem at all, I’d be just as happy with a link or mail address to whoever taught you about the Local State file, maybe he can help me :)

    Again, thanks for pointing out the local state file, and hope to hear from you soon! :)

    Wishing you sunshine,

  2. As far as I understand that list (by just reading my own blog post just now), a value of true means that it should *not* be opened. That would mean vbscript: “true” is the correct and secure value. But I don’t really know :)

    The link to where I found out about this is in the blog post (“this clue”).

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