Running the Gimp in one window with Xephyr

Using the Gimp I always become so frustrated with its multi-window concept. I am used to Photoshop in Windows and would like the Gimp to work the same way.

At the Xubuntu Blog I found the solution. It involves running the X server Xnest in a window and then run Gimp on that server’s display. For me this almost worked. My problem was that Xnest crashed as soon as I zoomed an image.

After some googling I found the answer to this problem too. According to this bug report Xephyr is recommended over Xnest. I changed to that and it worked. This is the result (I’ve incorporated some things from the Xubuntu Blog comments too):

Xephyr :1 -ac -name GIMP -screen 1280x950 & metacity --display=:1 & gimp --display :1 & gnome-settings-daemon --display :1

For simplicity, I’ve put it into an executable file.

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