Aardvark and answers that do not answer the question

Recently Google announced that they have acquired Aardvark, a service that finds the right person to answer any question you might have. I’ve used it frequently for a little while, and while I think it is a very cool idea and answering questions is quite addictive, I think there is a problem with the quality of the answers to my questions.

It is very common to get answers from people who really do not know the correct answer, but use Google to find something related to the question. I understand that, because it is very tempting to try to answer as many questions as possible, but it isn’t very helpful in the end, because there might be someone more qualified to answer out there.

To raise the quality of answers to my questions I will try to include something in my questions to make casual answerers avoid them. I am thinking of a good phrasing to not sound too arrogant but at the same time fulfill my goal. I think I’ll try something along the lines of “Please only answer if you really do know the answer to this specific question! I have already googled for answers myself. Thanks!!!”

I wonder if that will work or if I from now on will get no answers at all :)

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