“Connection problem or invalid MMI code” on Android phone

by Peter Jaric

We have got a new cell phone operator at work and one of their features is that if you prefix a number with the code *150# the call will be charged to a separate bill that will be sent to the employee and not to the employer. This is quite common in Sweden and is of course a good thing, but it doesn’t work on Android (pre 2.1). I use an HTC Tattoo and get this message when calling for example *150#0123456789:

Connection problem or invalid MMI code

In the thread I linked to above, there is a workaround: put a plus sign (+) before the first digit, like so: *+150#0123456789. This gets rid of the error message and allows the call to go through. The number that is called according to the phone has no plus in it: *150#0123456789

Let’s hope this works. Otherwise I might get a call from my boss later on :)

I mailed Ventelo’s (the operator) support and received this positive answer (translated by me):

Yes, using *+150# will work as well.

Good news, in other words!

Update 2:
Here are some tips from the comments:

By me:
Hi everyone, looking for general help about MMI codes. I must admit that I do not know much about this more than what I have described in my post. If my solution doesn’t work out for you (and I suspect it doesn’t, as you have different problems), you’ll have to try to find an answer elsewhere, perhaps here: http://answers.yahoo.com/dir/index?sid=396545653

By Phoenics:
Hello, try calling your network carrier… they will give you a series of troubleshooting steps like some codes. Just provide them the serial no. of your phone (dial *#06# to get it from your phone)…

used to be a customer service representative and i have encountered concerns like this. :)

By Ismael:
Check this. It seems this the solution for your problems http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1478608

just add an comma (,) at the end of the code.

for example,
if your code is *123*1#
then you should dial it as *123*1#,

By sam winston:
hai everyone.. this is a best solution from USSD code error… There are two ways
1 st one: Reboot your mobile ( if you have lot of time to wait)
2 nd one: Just turn on the Airplane mode for 30 second then turn off the Airplane mode( if you are in a urgent situation)..

The above two ways will help to get the balance reply using USSD code dialing in your android.

If you want more information aboutt this contact me Ph no : –redacted–

By Mohamed:
Hi Guys,
my phone is sky vega
i have came across the problem of not being able to execute the basic detail commands provided by the operators to check the details.

however i had the same problem and this is what worked for me

just add an comma (,) at the end of the code.

for example,
if your code is *123*1#
then you should dial it as *123*1#,

this way i think it blocks the rest of the codes going with it and works properly

this worked for me check for yours

If it helps please say “thanks”